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Visa Interview

By Dan | June 25, 2007

Getting ready to meet to go to the Visa interview. Don’t really know what to expect, but am told it’s just a formality. Haven’t been prepped for anything the way they did for the IR3/I600 interview, so hope that’s correct.

Kids are asleep. This morning was similar to yesterday – up about 5:30, breakfast, showers, etc. Did a little shopping in the hotel gift shop. The shopkeeper spoke very good English and we talked quite a bit. Kids were pretty good, but eventually ran out of patience as they will. Brought them back up and put them down for naps. Both went down well, but Thanh woke up about 15 minutes later and was inconsolable for almost an hour. Eventually, we figured out he was hungry even tho it was 2 hours early from the schedule they had been keeping pretty faithfully. As I am not really concerned about an extra bottle or two (they could probably use it actually), we fed him, and by then Vinh was waking up and we fed him as well. At the same time, Shannon realized that Vinh had a fever of 102, even though he wasn’t acting particularly distressed. After feeding and some Tylenol for Vinh, they played for about 2 hours. Thanh was a terror generally manhandling Vinh and they spend most of it wrestling back and forth for the same bottle cap, even though both had identical caps. They are certainly brothers! As most of the wrestling was antagonized by Thanh, we think we might name him something meaning “doesn’t share well with others” when we change their names to English names.

Speaking of names, we also finally chose them. Not sure of the details of how (if) we are going to keep their VN names officially. I suspect it will be easier to just keep them as nicknames, but we will probably finally determine that during the “readoption” filings after we get home. Nope, not telling till we get off the plane in Orlando… :) (Especially at this late date.)

Oops, kids are up again, and it’s time to get ready.

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