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Paying the Consulate

By Dan | June 20, 2007

Back from the Consulate, all went well. Motorbike ride through the streets of HCMC was very interesting experience. Hanging onto the back of a motorbike, having never ridden a motorcycle and Thao can’t weigh much more than 95 pounds! The experience was kind of fun now that it is over, but definitely glad I am not doing it regularly.

Also was interesting having to change modes from patient and polite (Asian mode) to persistent and polite (American mode) – At first the guard said that there was no admission today (I suspect he meant no more admissions today but it was lost in the language barrier), then after a little persistence he asked someone else who let me in and directed me to a window with no one there. After a few tries, they finally found the person who was supposed to be working the window, and it was paid without incident. Overall, pretty painless tho, as I was expecting to have to wait. Hopefully it gets lined up with our interview correctly so we can keep whatever appointment time has already been set. We were told to stay in the room and ready to go on short notice.

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