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The First Evening

By Dan | June 19, 2007

All is quiet. Thanh and Vinh apparently did not get very restful sleep in the car, as Thanh has slept for over 4 hours now, including through rearranging the room (including his cradle with him sleeping in it), room service delivery, laundry service pickup and all the associated bumping and noise. Despite being warned to be careful of room temperature, he is in a short sleeve sleeper and has kicked off the blanket. Vinh on the other hand slept for about two hours before waking up into a blood curdling yell, even louder than anything that had occurred so far today. I think it’s either that he had a bad dream (maybe about two ogres taking him away on a big silver machine? :) ) or woke up in strange surroundings. He did not want to be held or comforted, no pacifier or bottle, or anything else until I finally started walking around the room with him. Then he fairly quickly calmed down and went back to sleep (solidly enough that I was able to get him into his crib this time). Maybe he was concerned that Thanh wasn’t there and caught a glimpse of him sleeping in the other cradle, I don’t know. It was reassuring to know that we could be comforting to him so soon tho. I suspect it is going to take some extra effort and special care to ensure that Vinh adjusts well. Thanh seems to be mostly oblivious and generally content, at least so far.

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