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By Shannon | May 22, 2007

I met up with my friend Kim and we went to BRU yesterday. It was quite amusing from the very beginning, because it seemed like everyone thought we were a couple. :-) (Background on Kim: She’s about 32 weeks pregnant with twins!)

I got a gun, so I could add things to my registry, but Kim did not get one. Of course the person at the desk thought we were “together”.

Then we were looking at breastfeeding tools, and bottles, and discussing the varieties of supplies for each and we ended up talking with a woman in that department. I am pretty sure she thought we were together too, but Kim and I cleared that one up. :-)

We moved on to look at car seats and then strollers. I was showing her the ones Dan and I liked, and asked another employee to help us figure out how to fold them up. Then I was asking some other questions (how many returns do you have on them, which is the better seller, any complaints). I’m pretty sure he thought we were together.

As we’re walking down different aisles in the store, we are seeing other customers, and I suspect we got some funny looks from them as well. At one point Kim asked me if she was getting the vibe that people thought we were lesbians. I said that I totally got that vibe. She said that I was acting like the “dad” because I was asking all the questions, while she was the one all pregnant. :-)

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