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It’s been a while…

By Shannon | May 15, 2007

So I haven’t said much around here in a few days. I’m not feeling quite so overwhelmed anymore. As soon as I chose fabric for the nursery, all those feelings over being overwhelmed just went away. It’s a wonderful feeling.

On Saturday, we went to a party, and got to share the news of our adoption with several friends. It’s weird, though. One would think that we’d be sending e-mails and making phone calls with our news, but we just really haven’t. We sent a few here and there, and made phone calls to those who needed to be told (grandparents, parents, best friends), but mostly we’ve been taking the news a day at a time and as we see people.

At the party, we checked out the room of their daughter. She’s about 7-8 right now, and still have her baby furniture, and most of the decor is from her nursery days. Her fabrics are beautiful, but she’s beginning to feel like it’s a little childish, and wants a “cooler” room. So her mom has been out shopping and is doing a sort of Arabian theme in there. It’s going to be great. As a result of redecorating, they are getting rid of her old furniture. She has a tall dresser and a shorter dresser/changing table w/ tower. It’s a natural/honey color but the tops are a slate blue. It’s great. We offered to purchase their furniture from them, and they gave us a pretty good deal. That’s done! They are willing to keep it until we have space for it-hopefully less than two weeks, and this will help narrow our crib search down to cribs that are in the same color family.

We started working on a registry. We have received awesome gifts from my parents, grandparents and my Godmother in the form of cash. This will cover cribs/matresses, the furniture we’re buying from our friends, and a double stroller. If we spend it right, it should cover two car seats as well. Some amazing friends have already showered me with gifts. Offers are coming in from everywhere for clothing, toys, etc. It’s just been amazing. I have wonderful friends, and have met awesome strangers! We’ve put a lot of books and non music making/light blinking toys on our registry. We also included a note on the BRU one saying something to the effect of not wanting stimulating colored toys/fabrics. We want to introduce those things very slowly, so hopefully people will honor that. And, if you haven’t looked at baby toys lately, it’s almost impossible to find something that doesn’t blink, light up, sing, make noise, or is otherwise very stimulating!

I have had multiple people tell me that they wanted to throw me a shower, and that has been wonderful. It looks like we’ll have it July 21. We’re hoping to have already traveled and returned home by then. I wanted to do it on June 23 originally, but that isn’t good for one of the hostesses. Anyway, the plan is to do it as an “Open House” setting, because of the number of people who want to be invited. My mom has 18 friends alone who are itching to come to the shower! If all is going well at home, I’ll be able to take the boys with me to the shower. :-)

There’s no real news to report about our travel time frame. We got our Visa’s back last week, so the earliest we can enter Vietnam is June 6th. We have papers at the SOS right now, which will hopefully arrive back here in the next day or so, so we can get them off to the Embassy. Those papers are the only thing holding up our travel (or rather, could hold up our travel since we can’t leave before June 5th.).

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