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Treading Water

By Dan | December 27, 2006

I would imagine I will be using that title a lot during this process…

Today (and yesterday, and last Friday), nothing happened! No response from USCIS — even with the holiday and assuming they were closed yesterday as well, they are at the end of their two business day advertised response time. No contact from the Home Study person either as we were prepared for on information from the FHSA office manager. We know the Home Study person was dealing with a substantial crisis for a traveling client last week, so today was probably a bit optimistic, despite the information from the office. Glad we didn’t have any significant time invested preparing for it at least.

We think all the paperwork is in order for the I600A filing, but would like to get confirmations on a couple things before actually filing it. Hopefully tomorrow, if not we may just file it anyway on Friday or Monday.

In the meantime, I’m starting on a couple house projects since I have the time off. Started building cabinets for the loft today, expect it will take at least into next week to complete, and that’s probably optimistic. That should make the loft space more versatile which will be helpful to us and probably look better in the Home Study if I can complete it by the time of the first visit. The other project is finally replacing the downstairs windows, just because it needs doing (not necessarily because of the adoption).

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